Salmonberry Goods


Baking Salmonberry Goods

1. Turn oven to 350 degrees and set a 15-minute timer

  • Salmonberry Goods are designed to bake at 350 degrees
  • Wait a full 15 minutes for oven to fully pre-heat
  • Keep a kitchen timer going at all times for safety

2. Arrange pastries on clean parchment-papered pans to bake

  • Always use a rag/oven mitt to handle pans, and patty paper/tongs to handle pastries
  • Space pastries evenly apart, no more than 6 - 9 / pan
  • Pastries spread, leave ample room between them
  • Salmonberry Goods are designed to bake from frozen. Keep time between freezer and oven under 5 minutes
  • Group items with shorter bake times (cookies, buns) and longer bake times (scones, savories) on the same pans

3. Insert pastries into the oven and set a 15 minute timer

  • Items with shorter bake times (cookies and buns) bake best on the lower, cooler racks, while items with longer bake times (scones and savories) bake best on the higher, hotter racks
  • If baking during hours of service, only bake with 2 out of the 3 racks, leaving the top rack to heat up items up for guests

4. At 15 minutes baked, rotate all sheet pans

  • Rotating pans ensures every item is browned evenly

5. Continue setting 5 minutes timers and checking progress until everything is perfectly done

  • Bake times will vary dramatically depending on how many pastries are in the oven, or how frequently the oven door is opened
  • It's always OK to pull a few items off a pan if they're perfectly done, and return the rest of the pan to the oven to finish
  • Use your best judgment to determine when each item is baked to perfection by using our item-specific cookbook here

Example Bake

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