Salmonberry Goods


Baking Salmonberry Goods

Always use hand protection to handle hot pans; gloved hands or patty paper for frozen baked goods: and clean spatulas or tongs for hot pastries. Always bake on clean parchment paper or silpats. For cleanliness, never place pastries on oven racks without pans.

Group goods with shorter bake times (cookies, buns) and longer bake times (scones, galettes, croissants) on the same pans. Keep savory/sweet and vegan/non-vegan goods on their own pans to avoid cross-contamination. Pastries spread, so space them evenly apart, usually no more than 6 - 8 / pan.

Salmonberry Goods are designed to bake from frozen. Keep time between freezer and oven under 5 minutes.

Salmonberry Goods are designed to bake at 350 degrees. Bake times may vary depending on how many pastries are in the oven or how frequently the oven door is opened. (If your oven takes dramatically longer than estimated times, it may be a mechanical problem: please contact your Salmonberry representatives.)

Wait a full 15 minutes for oven to fully pre-heat.

While baking, always keep a timer going for safety.

Rotate sheet pans at 15 and 30 minutes to ensures every item is browned evenly.

It's OK to selectively pull a few items off a pan if they're perfectly done, and return the rest of the pan to the oven to finish.

The most common mistake with new bakers is under-baking: nobody likes a pale pastry! Caramelization yields flavor: don’t be afraid to keep adding 3 minutes to the timer, and bake until goods match our picture guides and look *perfectly* done. Explore our guide with pictures and detailed baking instructions below.