Sweet Focaccia (V)

A full loaf of approximately 6 chunky slices of our Sweet Focaccia: a uniquely Salmonberry creation, our classic sourdough focaccia recipe pockmarked with seasonal rotating toppings like berries, rhubarb, citrus zest, and turbinado sugar to create a beautiful sourdough and seasonal fruit combination of **something else entirely**.

Fruit inclusion changes seasonally. Past offerings have included:

Stonefruit (Apricot, nectarine, or plum, cut into chunks and allowed to shine on its own!)

Cranberry (Willapa Red varietal from Bloom Creek, a family organic farm in Olympia, macerated in orange juice and zest) 

Caramel Apple Balsamic (Collins apples soaked in Rockridge apple balsamic, and topped with a drizzle of housemade miso coconut cream caramel)

and lots more <3