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A new grassroots food system.

Salmonberry Farm Box and Essentials give you access to organic fruits and vegetables from 100% small, independent farming families in Washington that we see weekly, share dinners with, work farmers markets alongside and know closely by name.

We work with these farmers to pick the absolute best of peak season crops and deliver them to you the next day along with our bakes, ferments, and so much more.

These are subscription-only to provide stability for the stellar farms we work with, yet you can cancel or skip orders any time. We never buy from giant farms or out of state. 

Stoked to welcome you to our farm food revolution.

PSA: Companies like Imperfect Produce, a venture-backed Silicon Valley-based startup that takes away business from independent farms, are disrupting the Community Supported Agriculture model with well-marketed sales of cheap, poor quality large-scale commercially grown produce. Read the labels at your local grocery store and you'll see even local co-ops source their produce dominantly from large farms and often out of state or country. Through Salmonberry, vote with your dollar and have it feed you with beautiful nutrient- and flavor-dense crops that didn't travel across the country, but were grown by your actual neighbors with care for the soil and love for the earth.