A dozen of our sourdough bagels: naturally leavened, long fermented, malt- and salt-boiled, and baked with nutritious organic fresh milled grains from Walla Walla and Skagit Valley.

Ours is a hybrid of several bagel styles: we've followed our hearts & let fermentation be our guide for something distinctly Northwest-style. Incredible crumb, chew, flavor, and lifespan. 

Farm to Bagel subscriptions include:

  • Dozen sourdough bagels: your choice of Flake Salt, Black & White, or a mix of both (plus occasional seasonal bagels when we run them). $29 for 12, the best value on our bagels.
  • Your choice of two 8oz housemade spreads and schmears. Either our garlicky tahini-forward hummus or tangy organic Samish Bay labneh schmear;

    Or, seasonal schmears: always-changing creative savory (roasted alliums, fresh herbs, etc) and seasonal sweet (fresh and fermented fruit and jam and more).
  • A share of small farm fruit/produce that we're enjoying with bagels. Heirloom tomatoes, onions, our P-Patch microgreens; whatever's best in season.

**Sourdough bagels are subscription-only due to long fermentation times. You can get 4-packs of Flake Salt bagels as an add-on to Salmonberry Farm Box or Salmonberry Essentials, and both Flake Salt and Black & White available in limited supply for one-time purchase in the Bakery section or at the Ballard Farmers Market on Sundays.