Seasonal bakes & goods sourced from and inspired by the farmers of the Pacific Northwest.

What started as two friends with the radical dream of positively affecting the environment through food, creativity and education hasn’t changed a bit. Driving a new baking tradition of adapting classic techniques to hyperlocalism as a creative constraint since 2014, Seattle natives David Rothstein and Alex Johnstone believe in buying from Northwest farmers who honor the land; creating fun, delish and beautiful food; and inspiring joy and excitement to lessen agricultural impact on the climate, increase biodiversity, and promote equality amongst humans.

Kombucha Habit

Redefine regional eating.

It's important to know that almost every grocery or delivery service (besides individual farms' seasonal CSAs) source dominantly from large scale out-of-state farming operations and try to pass them off as small or local. And so many cafes and restaurants only do performative farm buying while getting the rest of their food from the same large, commercial distributors as everyone else. Family farm food is painfully hard to find outside of farmers markets, and local-washing by large grocers like Imperfect Produce, Whole Foods and even PCC is rapidly diminishing our small-farm ecosystem by retailing large-scale and out of state produce as small and sustainable. 

Let's rebuild independent agriculture together.

We built this store to make family-farmed goods not just accessible, but also a great value, through year-round farm-forward subscriptions that are user-friendly and easy to manage. It's not just what we're saying, it's what we're doing: join our email list or follow along on social media to learn more about our relationships, craft, and our strong independent food community.