Seasonal Fish

Seasonal Fish: contains 4ct. wild Alaskan seasonal salmon portions (approx 6oz. each), and 1 seasonal fish: most often, 1 sushi-grade St. Jude albacore tuna belly (approx 1-1.25lbs), occasionally black cod or another lighter fish fillet.

Sam's Salmon: Sam Mitchell and his father Steve run a single fishing boat in Alaska's Bristol Bay: a fishery that consistently sees the largest sockeye salmon returns in the world through careful management by Alaska's Fish & Game, and is fished exclusively by independent vessels. Steve's been licensed there since the 1980's. Once a Seattle schoolteacher, Sam now leads their crew every summer to fish for 100% wild Alaskan sockeye salmon that are hand-harvested and keep in refrigerated seawater until filleted into portions, pinboned (bones removed) and flash-frozen. Year over year, Sam's family operation has yielded some of the most delicious, visibly carefully handled sushi-grade sockeye we've ever eaten.

Salmon are a legendary fish, so central to life in the Pacific Northwest for truly thousands of years and yet incredibly threatened by dams, overfishing and the pressures of human industry. In almost every case, salmon sold to eat is either farmed Atlantic salmon that threaten local populations or otherwise unsustainable wild harvesting, but Bristol Bay is a rare exception. Sam and his crew are how we choose to source sockeye that we have the privilege to eat and enjoy. 

St Jude: The St. Jude is a 95-foot troller that follows albacore tuna from the North Pacific in summer to the South Pacific in fall, 12 months a year. Jig-caught younger albacore near the surface of cold waters in the central and north Pacific feed on krill, and are both rich in Omega 3s and substantially lower in mercury. Albacore are exclusively individually caught on hooks, and lures dragged behind the boat. Each fish is landed and handled individually on a cushioned platform, brain-stunned (a painless step that stabilizes their body temperature) and immediately bled (essential for sushi). Each fish is then rinsed, processed and put into the on-board blast freezer in the shortest possible time. Says Joe, "None of the fish caught are wasted. In thousands of hours trolling, we never had a marine mammal encounter, we never killed a shark, we once gave a thrill ride to a three pound green turtle when he got tangled up with a jig line but he was released uninjured after we took a few pictures."

*Meat products are transported frozen in reusable insulated bags. Please return for pickup so we can sanitize for reuse.

One of the most difficult places to live our values is how we consume meat. The actual cost of sustainably harvested & humanely raised animals is a significant cut above the subsidized prices we've been raised to believe feedlot cattle and farmed fish to be. 

We source only from family-owned meat producers: ranching, raising, and harvesting sustainably with a focus on the earth and animal well-being. All our partners are family-owned organic farms or sustainable fisheries, and serious advocates & practitioners of sustainable farming practices. There are no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides used on their lands, and no hormones, antibiotics, or animal byproducts ever fed to these animals. Fish are sought out and caught sustainably, hand-harvested or line-caught one by one. Skagit River Ranch and Kirsop perform all their own butchery onsite, so animals endure no undue stresses of relocation at end of life.