How It Works

I placed an order. When can I expect it?

Orders placed by 11:59p Sunday will be out for delivery the following Wednesday. Orders placed by 11:59p Wednesday will go out for delivery the following Saturday.

Pickup orders will be fulfilled corresponding with the same cycle! For pickups, our bakery address is 420 S Massachusetts, Seattle WA 98134. Call 206-588-3089 when you arrive and we will bring your order out to your vehicle. 

Can I change my subscription?

Yes! Login through the account page at the left of the top bar. Changes to recurring orders are due by 11:59p Sunday the week prior to your delivery.

You’re welcome to note dietary or preference requests (ie. vegan so no eggs, allergic to nightshades, love carrots, etc.) in the “info” column when you order a subscription. Week-to-week farm produce is highly seasonal and the Salmonberry Farm Box is meant to provide economic stability to our partnering local farmers, so while we will always do our best to honor your requests, box offerings will fluctuate naturally with the seasons.

I have a subscription. Can I order other one-time stuff to include in my delivery?

Absolutely. Use the code ADDON to waive shipping costs for separate one-time orders in time for normal order cutoffs and we’ll include it in your next recurring order. If you’d like to add items permanently to your subscription, you can subscribe via product pages or through the subscription management login.

Whats a salmonberry? Are they real?

They totally are. Salmonberries are radiant and delicious trail berries found alongside rivers and streams and native to the Pacific Northwest. They’re a unique local treasure and a joy to discover.

What are your sanitary procedures?

We are foodservice professionals: gloves, hairnets, facemasks, frequent hand-washing and consistent sanitizing of all surfaces are our daily practice. As precautionary measures during the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve added hand sinks, increased additional sanitizing stations and practices, enacted additional sanitary checks and protocols to all staff and vendors, and closed the bakery to outside visitors.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime, but definitely let us know why: shoot us feedback or questions to the contact form. We work hard to provide the highest quality service at the best value possible in our efforts to constantly strengthen our local independent food system.

I’m outside the Seattle area. Do you deliver?

We’re working on adding shipping options for some products as well as expanding our delivery zone!

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