Black & White Bagels

Four sourdough bagels: naturally leavened, long fermented, malt- and salt-boiled then baked with nutritious organic fresh milled grains from Walla Walla and Skagit Valley.

Black and White is our version of a perfect deconstructed everything bagel, Mediterranean poppy & Mexican sesame seeds with Jacobsen or Maldon flake salt. Roasty and flavorful with a crackly crust.

Ours is a hybrid of several bagel styles: we've followed our hearts & let fermentation be our guide for something distinctly Northwest-style. Incredible crumb, chew, flavor, and lifespan. 

4-packs come in compostable bags.

**Bagel supply for one-time ordering is limited due to long fermentation times, but always available through Farm-to-Bagel subscriptions and as add-ons to Salmonberry Farm Box and Essentials.

Pack Size 4-pack