Farm-to-Table Kombucha

Kombucha: effervescent sweet tea, fermented until lightly tart and delicious. Ours is brewed to a super balanced homestyle profile, not too sweet and not too vinegar-y. Fermented with organic assam tea from Miro in Ballard, organic cane sugar and a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY), then delivered fresh and full of life to your door.

Fresh farm fruit and veg juiced and added post-brew to the base for a light seasonal twist each time, giving unique and seasonally changing flavor finishes. 

1 liter kombucha. Return your bottles to your porch the next time we deliver for an air high five. We'll sanitize and re-use 'em.

If you're psyched on the brew and drinking it regularly like we are, check out our Kombucha Habit for a great deal on 4 liters.

Another part of our mission is to sneak farm-to-table ingredients into more products so we can continue to divert resources away from mega-corporations into the hands of our local food system. We've been brewing creative farm-to-table kombucha for years now and our liters have become a staple at our market booth. We're so stoked to share awesome probiotic happy-belly brew with our community!!

Flavors change constantly! past additions include:




Spring Rain Ginger,



and many more!