Pork Share

Pork Share includes 1 pack pork chops (2ct, approx. 1lb.), 1 pack bacon (approx. 1lb.), 1 pack pork stirfry pieces and 1 pack pork sausage links. 

Skagit River Ranch is run by Eiko, George and their daughter Nicole, drawing the largest pre-market lines at Seattle street markets for decades. Their biodynamic farm is located on a gorgeous plot directly on the Skagit River in Sedro-Wooley, WA. All of Eiko's animals are happily pastured and fed grasses and herbs grown on the land. Non-ruminants' diets are supported by the finest organic non-GMO whole grains that are milled fresh onsite. Their meat has a sweetness and tender lack of gristle that clearly reflects the good practices of folks raising animals kindly on some of the finest riverside pastureland we've ever visited. 

Pork Share includes chops, great for brining or tossing straight into the cast iron; stirfry pieces, that you can add to just about any bowl or meal; Skagit's insanely delicious uncured bacon, thick, flavorful and lightly sweet; and lightly spiced pork sausage links for breakfasts or dinners galore.

*Meat products are transported frozen in reusable insulated bags. Please return for pickup so we can sanitize for reuse.

Meat Sourcing

One of the most difficult places to live our values is how we consume meat. The actual cost of sustainably harvested & humanely raised animals is a significant cut above the subsidized prices we've been raised to believe feedlot cattle and farmed fish to be. 

We source only from family-owned meat producers: ranching, raising, and harvesting sustainably with a focus on the earth and animal well-being. All our partners are family-owned organic farms or sustainable fisheries, and serious advocates & practitioners of sustainable farming practices. There are no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides used on their lands, and no hormones, antibiotics, or animal byproducts ever fed to these animals. Fish are harvested sustainably, gill-netted or line-caught one by one. Skagit River Ranch and Kirsop perform all their own butchery onsite, so animals endure no undue stresses of relocation at end of life.