Salmonberry Ice Cream Club

Welcome to the Salmonberry Ice Cream Club: your monthly delivery of four pints of Fermented Ice Cream.

Made with housemade oat yogurt, our beloved vegan ice cream is insanely tangy and delicious with an incredible rich gelato texture. 

How Ice Cream Club works: 

Choose 3/4 pints of your favorites. Staple flavors that are here to stay. Staple offerings may increase, should we develop flavors we decide have finessed to be perennial classics.

The fourth pint delivered is always seasonal. Fruit flavors in peak summer or exclusive bakery flavors in the winter, all venturing into the weird, wild and delicious.

Enjoy the best dairy-free/vegan ice cream flavors at home, every month. Prebiotic, probiotic and 100% plant-based.

Always feel free to email us for further preference/allergy notes, we're happy to accommodate.  

Staple choices include:

June-bearing Strawberry: perfect peak season organic Skagit Valley small farm strawberries.

Iced Oat Latte: purest coffee ice cream made with single origin espresso shots pulled in-house.

Chocolatey: A rich, bright dark chocolate ice cream with ever-evolving different mix-ins in the pursuit of creating the greatest chocolate ice cream pint.

Seasonal flavors have included:

Cranberry Pie: Willapa Red cranberries from Bloom Creek in Olympia with Valentine crust shatter.

Willpower Chai: our housemade 10-spice chai, orange juice and more spices.

Corn Cake: roasted corn, lemon and miso ice cream with pieces of toasted corn cake mixed in.

and more <3